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Fresh Prince of Baler

Fresh Prince of Baler

Rain rain go away, come back another day.  Last week, it started raining.  And it didn’t quit for 168 hours.  We been through every kind of rain there is.  Lil bitty skinny rain, big ole’ fat rain, rain that flew in sideways, and sometimes, rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.  Unfortunately, it still hasn’t stopped.  We experienced our first typhoon this past week and it killed all ideas we had for outdoor projects.  Given this, I still managed to finalize my first ecobrick video and come up with the outline for my second one.  I also completed my interview video edits and scheduled my final three for this upcoming week.  Other than that, the only other thing on my to-do list is to write up my final solar dehydrator blueprint for Friendchips.

This past weekend we went to the small beach town of Baler (a soon-to-be major, tourist attraction).  The first night we just went to a restaurant and then Jake and I played some intense chess (he beat me 2 games to 1.  The last game he literally beat me by one move but, it’s whatever).  The next day we hiked through the rain through a beautiful forest and a couple rivers.  sadly, our trip was cut short because we eventually encountered waters that were too high.  We decided to set up camp at a nice stream with a makeshift diving board.  Against my best judgment, I decided to jump in the water a couple times although my tattoo isn’t fully healed (don’t worry it’s safe and progressing well).  Later we had some drinks and hit a couple bars.  I befriended the guy who owned the bar.  He was some ex-pirate that had put on a couple pounds and moved to Baler start a new life with his wife.  He ended up giving me his treasured wrist band and a couple of us concluded the night with some skinny dipping on the beach.  The next day we finally had some sunshine and clear skies so we decided to hit the beach and some of the group tried to surf.  Katie and I were sidelined because of our tattoos, so I got a lot of reading done.  We ended the trip with some burritos and a long drive home.

This week will be full of community immersion and project wrap ups, as we have officially begun our final week at GK.  Last night, Jake and I went to have dinner at our tita’s sisters house in Angat.  This was by far the best meal I’ve had in the Philippines and it was a true bonding experience.  Hopefully, we’ll get to have our final meals with a couple other community members we’ve come to be good friends with.  The French interns are going to throw us a Despedida on Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to our final goodbyes.  Becuase of the rain, I don’t have much to update you on.

Becuase of the rain, I don’t have much to update you on.  Just stay on the lookout for my final blog post that I’ll be writing on my way to Thailand.