Seven Day Challenge

Seven Day Challenge

Before I dive into the seven-day challenge. Let me start off with some things I’ve noted during my first week.
First… THESE ARE THE GREATEST MANGOS ON THE PLANET!                                                  – Until I got here I actually hated mangos. Now I wake up every morning craving them.

Second… Living without wifi is not as bad as I thought it would be.                                            – I only have access to wifi when I can bum it off of someone else. That’s the reason I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog. But, I’m starting to enjoy not looking at a screen every second of every day. *fake smile*

Third… All bodybuilders should move to the Philippines                                                                – Rice, meat, mangos, repeat. Rice, meat, mangos, repeat. Every day, for every meal. I love it.

Fourth… Have I mentioned mangos yet?
– They taste like they were personally hand-picked by God himself.

Okay back to the main topic. The seven-day challenge is a baby program that was just created by the GK marketing team. It is designed to make sure you see every facet of the farm and actually get to know the people. Some of the challenges range from playing basketball with the kids, to trying to get an 80-year-old tita to show you a picture of her when she was 18. And she was stunning; still is. But personally, the most difficult challenge on the list, and one of the only ones I did not get checked off, was to get Malaya (one of the babies one the farm) to let you hold her for 5 minutes. I’m currently in the stage of trying to convince her that my hair won’t bite her.

FullSizeRender 12During our seven day challenge, which was actually 10 days since we started 3 days after we got here, I’ve had my ups and downs. One of the most fun moments was trying to catch chickens for the first time ever. Definitely, the worst moment was having to watch them get slaughtered 5 minutes later. But they tasted great. We’ve had lunch and dinner in the homes of some of the community members. We’ve sung songs with Tito Jun, gardened with Tito Bick, cooked breakfast with Tita Tess, and much more. But the task which had the biggest impact on me, and how I view the world, was sitting down and having an hour long discussion with Tito Tony, the man who runs it all. Once I upload the video of my interview with him you will understand why.

Katie and I have been assigned to the social marketing team and will begin working with them this week. I already have my project in mind and am hoping that I can bring more than just my physical presence to the farm. The seven-day challenge helped familiarize myself with my surroundings, while at the same time helping me start relationships with the people of GK, French interns included. I can confidently say that I am comfortable here at the farm, and that I am very pleased with where I was selected to intern.


p.s. The video of the 7 Day Challenge will be on Facebook soon.  Make sure you check it out.



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